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Saturday, February 27, 2016

I'll say it about the persecutor of the cops in Baltimore....

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bitch!

Ms Mosby was so ready to indict these officers for jaywalking and jumped at anything. She had visions of being next best legal thing, perhaps a position in the Obama Just-Us department. Oh well, I doubt it's meant to be.

Freddie Gray Autopsy Report Deals Blow to Murder Charges

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has withheld the autopsy report on Freddie Gray from defense counsel and the public for nearly two months. It is the report on which she relied to file murder and other charges against six police officers, even though the investigation into Mr. Gray’s death was not close to being complete.

Now, just two days before Friday’s court deadline for the state to disclose the report to the defense, it has been leaked to the Baltimore Sun.

The Sun’s story makes it easier to understand why Ms. Mosby wanted the autopsy kept under wraps. It raises additional disturbing questions about her case — a case in which she has already had to dismiss false-imprisonment charges, the untenable nature of which I explained when Mosby filed them.

It turns out that Mr. Gray “tested positive for opiates and cannabinoid.” Moreover, he carried on wildly when initially placed in the police van. It had previously been widely reported that he was not belted into his seat, a violation of recently adopted Baltimore police policy that Mosby dubiously makes the plinth of her case. The Sun’s latest dispatch, however, indicates that Gray was making matters difficult for the police: “yelling and banging, ‘causing the van to rock,’ the autopsy noted.”

The van made several stops during its 45-minute ride. At the second one, six minutes after the arrest, Gray was reportedly “still yelling and shaking the van.” Police thus removed him and placed him in leg restraints — ankle cuffs, to go along with the handcuffs that had already been applied. Gray was “then slid onto the floor of the van, belly down and head first,” according to the autopsy report, which gingerly adds that he was, at that point, “still verbally and physically active.”

It’s now easier to understand why Mosby wanted the autopsy kept under wraps: It raises additional disturbing questions about her case.
It was after this, the medical examiner concluded, that Gray suffered a severe spinal injury (which led to his death, a week later). At some undetermined point during the van’s journey, he was catapulted by the force of its deceleration and crashed into the interior. The injury is likened to a “shallow-water diving accident.”

Significantly, however, the medical examiner, Carol H. Allan, surmised that Gray probably could not have sustained his severe injuries if he’d remained in the prone position the police had put him in.

The Sun report elaborates:

While it’s possible Gray was hurt while lying on the floor and moving back and forth, Allan determined that his body likely couldn’t have moved in that position with enough force to cause his injuries. Allan surmised that Gray could have gotten to his feet using the bench and opposite wall. With his hands and ankles restrained, and unable to see out of the van and anticipate turns, she said, he was at a high risk for an unsupported fall.

Thus, the most likely scenario is that Gray, under the influence of narcotics and in the course of making his transport difficult for the arresting officers, elected on his own to get to his feet despite the difficulty of doing so. Under circumstances where his arms and legs were restrained, Gray’s decision to change the position the police had put him in rendered him vulnerable to the “high-energy” injury he sustained...

Ms Mosby, before you jumped the gun perhaps you should have actually read all the pertinent facts and then made a decision to proceed? You had visions of being the next legal behemoth. Now if things play out, can you see yourself as the next Mike Nifong?

You think you can prosecute a case successfully and not present to the defense all evidence? Woman, there is a document you should read called the Constitution of the United States. You are probably ignorant of the fact that you are required to turn over everything and as the prosecutor you cannot surprise the defense. Idiot.

As your cases disintegrates and your legal reputations is left in tatters, I would be worried about your future. The cops will never back you, the Black Live Matter crowd will end up hating your guts because you failed them and Obama will not come to save your ass. We haven't started to think about the civil suits coming out of this soon enough. You choose these men and women as scapegoats and I think in the future you will make them millionaires. So please, make a bigger ass out of yourself. I for one will enjoy seeing you self destruct.

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