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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Some great commentaries on the plague of political correctness....

In the recent drive by leftists to purge any mention of Confederate heroes, we have the idiot mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landreau. The brother of the idiot ex-senator of Louisiana. The one who said for residency requirements she lived in her daddy's home. The married senator with a family who has a 2 million dollar mansion in Virginia lives with daddy in New Orleans.

But Mitch, like the other public servants of the family has other issues. Rebuilding the city after the hurricane, the education system, the spiking crime rates, particularly the murder rate. Nah, they need to spend the little money they have on the real threat, Lee Circle and Jackson Square.

The Walton and Johnson show has been hitting on the corruption and incompetence of New Orleans politicians for ages and they hit it out the park with this.

This morning I was surfing the web and cause this commentary by one of my favorite comedians, John Cleese. The first line say it all, "I'm offended every day...." And you should be. I get offended every day by what I see people do. Words hurt only with you let them. And another classic line in this commentary, the quote of a former director of the BBC, "There are some people I would wish to offend."

I will strongly disagree with one line from this, the plague of political correctness has always been a movement, led by leftists, the stigmatize or even criminalize speech.

Enjoy this great commentary of a comic genius

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