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Friday, January 20, 2017

And now for something completely different

What will be different after this Trump is sworn in?

Like millions, I looked forward to the the inauguration, the end of the Obama Error and with it, hopefully, the fall of the House of Clinton. As with every new president, much will change in the administration as Trump assumes office.  But I was wondering, what will change from outside the office?

In the last eight years, we have witnessed celebrities, media figures, etc worship at the feet of Barrack Hussein Obama.  When David Brooks, a  putative conservative, says Obama would be a great president because of the “crease in his slacks,” you know this adoration would be worse than the Clintons and the Kennedy's combined. And no challenges to the man-child would be allowed. 

But with a Republican soon to assume the highest office in the land, I wondered what would we hear or see soon, things that has been missing for the last eight years.  Off the top of my head:
Dissent and questioning of the president is again the highest form of patriotism.  Reporters grow up dreaming about being the next Woodward and Bernstein, being able to take down a Republican president.  And a free press was envisioned as a check on the power of the government.  However, there has not been any real questioning of Mr. Obama and his “achievements, good or bad.  I think we can trust the NY Times et all will starting coming at President Trump full blast. 
 The idol worship is gone.  Who remember this, “Barack Hussein Obama Mmm Mmm Mmm!"  Children openly propagandized by their teachers to worship the “Dear Leader.”  Same for the black militants in Chicago. How about these morons, err celebrities, taking “The Pledge,” to Barrack Obama?  
Where have the homeless been the last eight years?  The urban legend that millions of people were forced to the streets because of massive budget cuts during the Reagan years was cemented by years of propaganda.  The fact the homeless population is largely mentally ill, thanks largely to geniuses in the world saying we don’t need to put mentally ill patients into institutions, led to hundreds of thousands of nonfunctional people living like feral humans.  But for the last eight years, there has been precious little reporting on these poor unfortunate victims of America in general and the Republicans in particular.  That will soon change.  
Unemployment and Inflation:  Two of the greatest lies of the last eight years has been the notional drop in unemployment and inflation.  When you simply drop people who have stopped looking for work from the rolls, it shrinks the total number of people in the jobless pool.  Therefore the number of people “unemployed” lowers.  And cutting out the increase in food and fuel (the cost of which had dropped, thanks to the fracking revolution the Obama regime did it’s best to kill off) means the items you need the most are not covered in the inflation stats.  Benjamin Disraeli said it best, ”There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." 
Bipartisanship:   Bipartisanship, as understood my most Americans, is both political parties compromising, working for a common goal.  But for most liberals and the media, it means the Republicans/conservatives cave on our issues and embrace the Democratic/liberal side.  See amnesty, the Iran Nuclear Deal and the budget deal of 2015.  Now there was no concern of the lack of “bipartisanship” when Harry Reid rammed Obamacare through the Senate on a budget bill without one GOP vote.  If Obamacare is repealed with no (or some) Democratic support, will the usual suspects also be silent about the lack of “bipartisanship?”  
Noble Turncoats:  In 2001, Senator James “Jumping Jim” Jeffords, switched parties to caucus with the Democrats, stripping the GOP of their control of the Senate by Vice President Dick Cheney’s tie breaking vote.  In 2012, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist switched parties to become a Democrat to give himself another chance at the job he felt entitled to, senator.  But both party switchers were treated as noble public servants who's conscious could not abide the GOP.  West Virginia, a deep Red state in the solid Republican south, is represented by Democrat Joe Manchin.  Since Mrs. Bill Clinton was defeated, there has been open talk of him switching sides.  Honestly, everyone likes their plum committee assignments and no one likes to be at the bottom of the barrel.  But does anyone thing Time magazine will put up a glowing review about his choice of conscious if he gives the GOP one more vote in the upper chamber?  
Where have you been Occupy Wall Street?  And the anti-war groups that for some reason have been silent the last eight years?  Don’t forget the new kid on the block, Black Lives Matter.  They will be going hog wild soon enough.  They will be out there so much you would swear these volunteers are getting paid!  Don’t worry, I see many money making opportunities for these community activists come the Trump years.  And as a cop I want to say thanks.  Without your dumb butts on the streets protesting capitalism, etc with your iPhones and iPads, I would loose out on a ton of overtime, which I need after Christmas! :<)  
Trump is unpresidential. An understanding among the 44 men who have held our highest office is you don’t publicly criticize your predecessor.  And you don’t openly criticize your successor once your are out of office. Over the last eight years, however, Mr. Obama has blamed everything but the bland color of the White House on his predecessor, saying anything he’s screwed up is “something I inherited…”  I served as a company commander in the Army and while I had many issues with my predecessor, I never openly discussed them.  To do so is corrosive to the cohesion you need to lead, takes you down in the eyes of your subordinates and superiors, and is unmanly. And we can rest assured when Barrack publicly criticizes Trump, no one in the media, “objective” or otherwise, will say much.  
The President is no longer cool in film. Am I the only one who notices when a Republican is in the White House he is looked upon as a crook (Clear and Present Danger, 1994, yes, early Clinton years, but don’t tell me Donald Moffat’s president wasn’t supposed to be Reagan) but with Democrats he’s a hero (See Air Force One, 1997 or Independence Day, 1996 (sorry about the remake boys, I guess the liberal woman as president is still a dream), noble (The American President, 1995) or everything we need in the office (The West Wing, 1999-2006).  Anyone wanna bet Hollyweird will not make movies in the next four years about how great the president is.  
If anything, he’ll be dead on film.  Anyone remember Death of a President (2006), about the murder of a president.  Not a fictitious president, but then current president, George W Bush.  Can anyone image the outrage if Dinesh D’Souza had put out a fictional account of the assassination of Barrack Hussein Obama , umm umm umm!.  Can you imagine the pushback, the host on The View having a cow, calling this an incitement to murder, etc.  If someone does a movie where President Trump is murdered, who will call this outrageous?  Seeing that CNN has done this a few days before the Inauguration, I don’t see much outrage. 
I Hope He Fails!  Four of the most famous words spoken by Rush Limbaugh, as he was asked about his hopes for the incoming Obama administration in January, 2009.  And the usual suspects were outraged, but if anyone with half a brain could see, he hasn’t failed.  Obama wanted to destroy, excuse, fundamental transform, this nation, and to a large degree he has.  Even with a notional opposition in the House for six of eight years, his regime has managed to seize multiple industries, set us on a course for socialized medicine,  made out foreign policy a joke, doubled our national debt, downgraded our credit to such a degree there is open talk of removing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  Now many leftists (and in honestly, many Republicans) openly discuss their hope Trump fails.  Merry Streep anyone?  Why isn’t their patriotism questioned?
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!  Sorry, fatigue and scotch.  But my fellow readers, who do think?  What else, that has been missing the last 8 years, will reappear in the Trump presidency?

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