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Monday, January 9, 2017

Good news on the civil front...

In the last few years we have seen the spectical of one lie after another on police, the greatest one being, "Hands Up! Don't Shoot!" Remember when Michael Brown's mother attacked his grandmother, when granny was selling Justice for Michael Brown t-shirts? What's wrong Mom, you're trying to live off your dead son. Hell, Grandma was doing your job.

Well, not to be outdone trying to live off her dead son,
Federal Judge E. Richard Webber Orders Release of Documentation In Michael Brown Case

St Louis, MO – Federal judge, E. Richard Webber, has ordered the parents of Michael Brown to turn over requested medical and education records in their wrongful-death lawsuit. Their son was killed by former Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson in an officer-involved shooting in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.

According to Fox2 Now St Louis, U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber issued the order on Wednesday, over the protests of his parents, Michael Brown, Sr., and Lezley McSpadden. The records that have been requested are: the parents’ medical records for the past five years, their son’s education records, and certain medical documents.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Judge Webber said that the documentation must be turned over to defense attorneys by Tuesday. He said “The court will not limit the medical records to treatment sought by the plaintiffs for damages specifically related to this matter because (the) defendants will need to evaluate whether the claimed injuries actually occurred as a result of the death of their son.”

The documentation was requested by the defense attorneys who represent the City of Ferguson, the former Police Officer who was involved, and the former Police Chief of the Ferguson Police Department. In the lawsuit, Brown’s parents state they have “sustained permanent injuries including mental anguish” since his death.

Judge Webber dismissed the parents’ claim that the release of the records was “harassing and invasive” by further stating “Repeatedly asserting the same objections to each request is not enough to protect against disclosure.” Attorneys for Brown’s parents have argued that the death of their son deprived them of financial support through his future potential wages. Attorneys for the defendants have countered that Brown’s complete medical records are necessary and relevant in determining his ‘potenital life expectancy and future income...’

Gee, having to justify why you are taking money from people. I've seen people who have lost a child and normally they don't want to be reminded of the fact. But this woman and the step-dad seem to have no issue with it.

Also, remember how State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby filed trumped up charges against six cops in the Freddy Gray case. And she got her ass handed to her, 4 acquittals, and two dropped cases. Well, things are looking better for the officers:'
Officers’ Lawsuit Against Mosby Could Have Unprecedented Impact

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The lawsuit that five Baltimore City police officers brought against State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby could have an unprecedented impact on her office. WJZ’s Mike Hellgren reports it faces some tough legal hurdles...

...The judge signaled he was dropping some of the officers’ claims against Mosby, but was still considering whether allegations of negligent and malicious prosecution would stand.

“It’s very nerve-wracking when you’re a political figure and a figurehead like she is,” said Warren Alperstein, legal analyst.

Alperstein watched the Freddie Gray-related trials unfold. He says if the officers’ lawsuit moves forward, it could have a disastrous impact on the State’s Attorney’s Office.

“You can bet that the officers and the attorneys are champing at the bit to get Mrs. Mosby under oath,” said Alperstein.

Where Mosby could face problems is in her unusual role as an investigator in Freddie Gray’s death, and that could strip her of her immunity against the lawsuit.

The officers argue Mosby provided false information about what happened to Freddie Gray, and they plan to grill her if they can get her on the witness stand.

“In a civil case like this, you as a defendant don’t have that right. You must testify or be held in contempt of court,” said Alperstein. “It is unprecedented. It is unheard of.”

The officers are also suing the sheriff. His attorneys say he relied on information from the State’s Attorney’s Office to fill out the statements of probable cause in the charges against the officers....

I hope they don't settle. I want to see her squirm on a cross examination. And then have her department bled dry after a multi-million dollar settlement.

Good luck guys.


  1. The only justice is to go to trial. It is for police everywhere.

    The Ferguson Effect continues to endanger lives. We must remove the corrupt political influence from law enforcement for the purpose of safety.

    When toll booth collectors can earn more than local police, something is very wrong.

    Peter Hyatt

    1. I have no doubt Ms Mosby was hoping to use her convictions of these officers to get herself a federal judgeship or US attorney's slot in a Clinton administration. The fact is she will be reelected in Baltimore, but her bigger ambitions have been cut back. I don't have faith in the people of Baltimore to fairly judge her, but hopefully the officers get a change of venue and make the city pay. Good riddance.

    2. Wait, so you are thinking she is not going to get a slot in the Clinton administration?


    3. Thank God no one is getting a slot in the "Clinton administration."! :<)