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Thursday, February 9, 2017

An exceptional take down by two officers...

Just a routine traffic stop. Enough said. Watch this.

I love how towards the end someone walks up to the car. She would be quickly put back into my car, she has no business putting herself into a crime scene.

For all the Youtube lawyers out there, this is the real world. It took two men fighting like hell to stop an armed man and they could have justifiably shot his dumb ass. As the cops are trying to get the suspect into custody, he is reaching for a pistol. I think the cops have "reasonable fear for suffering loss of life or seriously bodily injury" here. But they didn't, got the suspect under control and no one was hurt.

At least the DoJ will not call to investigate this department. How long before the usual suspects scream about racism, etc?

Great work officers, glad you're safe!

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