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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

A Disgrace To The Badge

Year ago I arrested a twenty something woman who did something very stupid. She moved into an apartment and three days later she received a credit card for the previous occupant. Then she waited five days and let temptation get the best of her. She called in to get the card approved, then went shopping. Small stuff first, a coffee, lunch, some cloths, etc. Well, the card holder was living in another state. The card company called and asked if she was in Houston using her card, and she said no. Then the twenty something was stopped by security and we got her. 

This woman was completely clean, never had a traffic ticket, and was not used to being handled as a suspect. She cried as soon as the cuffs went on. She was completely clueless that any charge on another person's credit card was a felony. Through tears, she asked me, "What should I do?" and I told her, "Get a lawyer and get a plea bargain for a misdemeanor." I can only assume she did, I was never called for trial. 

The ignorance of the law does not apply to this now ex-cop. Good riddance to bad garbage.  

FL Officer Arrested, Fired for Stealing Dead Man’s Credit Card Information

Former officer Dianne Ferreira was arrested Tuesday and charged with theft of credit card information with using a dead man's credit card.

A St. Cloud, FL, police officer has been arrested and terminated for stealing and using credit card information she obtained from a deceased person at the scene of a medical emergency.

St. Cloud Police Chief Doug Goerke and Osceola Sheriff Marcos Lopez jointly announced that Officer Dianne Ferreira, 25, was arrested Tuesday and charged with theft of credit card information with intent to use, fraudulent use of a credit card over $200 (both felonies) and use of personal ID of a deceased person. She was held on a $4,000 bond that Osceola County Jail records show was posted by Wednesday morning for her release.

"She was an officer, but she doesn't deserve that title now," Chief Goerke said Wednesday.

Goerke said he made sure that Ferreira was arrested in her own handcuffs, the Osceola News-Gazette reports.

For non law enforcement types, it is common for two types of criminal to be arrested with specific cuffs. When a cop killer is arrested, he is cuffed with the deceased officer's cuffs. And when a cop has disgraced the badge, he goes to jail with his cuffs on him. Both turds deserve it. 

The arrest came after about a month-long investigation, from which these facts came out: on April 3, Ferreira was part of the response with medical responders to a deceased male at a St. Cloud home. She took photos of the man's credit card information while paramedics were working, and loaded the information into a mobile application in order to use them remotely, which she began doing on April 4 outside St. Cloud around Osceola County for expenses like gas, fast food, a hotel room and eyelash extensions, all made on her days off.

"The badge she wore has been tarnished and will never be worn again; in fact, it will be destroyed," Goerke said.

Thank you sir for insuring that badge is never seen again. You took the difficult needed action. An ex-cop like this deserves to be treated as a traitor to the badge that she is.  

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