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Monday, August 3, 2015

First Superman doens't fight for the American way....

And now he fights the cops.

The Big Lie was developed by one of the greatest leftist of all time, Adolph Hitler. You tell an unbelievable story enough times and it gets harder to deny and finally accepted as truth. Now the Big Lie has hit a classic American comic character, Superman.

In this new magazine the protesters are all innocent people with strong families, jobs, etc. and all they want is peace. And they are going to use non-violent means to accomplish something. What that something is is left to the imagination. You only have peaceful demonstrators being attacked by storm trooper police with tear gas.

The writers are apparently trying to present an image tied to the recent riots in Ferguson, Baltimore and New York. But in reality we know the real riots were not about protesting a perceived wrong but to loot and the leadership of the crowds were not the locals but the "rent-a-mobs" bussed in. Some questions I would ask many of the protestors (read looters) if I were a "journalist":

1. What do you do for a living?

2. If this is your neighborhood, what are you setting houses and businesses on fire?

3. What do the ten boxes of Michael Jordan shoes you just took from the store have to do with "police oppression"?

4. After you destroy everything here, where will you shop?

5. And do you think these businesses will reopen after the owner has seen his hard work destroyed when he had nothing to do with the "issues" of the masses?

No, we won't get those questions answered. Now for the new magazine.

Action Comics turns police into villains in new comic

Action Comics stirred up some controversy recently as their latest comic seemed very similar to the recent riots in Ferguson.

The comic featured Superman stripped of his normal cape and “S” costume. He is in jeans and t-shirt among a large crowd.

In the comic, Superman is in a town that is afraid of him. While he does have many supporters in the town, those supporters don’t include the police department.

The town is celebrating Superman’s return, but the police are there to break up the party. Soon thereafter, a riot ensues and the police are seen angrily screaming at the crowd.

A sample of the comic in Business Insider shows images of police in full SWAT and shield gear. They are shooting tear gas into the crowd. The crowd is seen trying to reason with police, but to no avail. Superman becomes frustrated and positions himself in between the crowd and police to stop the struggle....
Sorry, the crowd in Fergerson was not trying to reason with authorites. And in Baltimore the idiot mayor let them tear the city down. 
Cops starting the riot,not the rioters.

Damned he looks like Doctor Evil. I wonder if that was on purpose? 
...The police continue, causing Superman to punch the police officer in the face. This is where the strip ends...

I wasn't going to buy a comic book anyway but this is another sign of the decline of America in the last seven years. Damned January 2017 cannot come too soon.

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