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Monday, August 8, 2016

I guess he didn't call a crack head when he was robbed:

New Black Panthers Leader Gets Robbed At Gunpoint- Calls Police For Help

Ali Muhammad has a new appreciation for Law Enforcement after he was assisted by officers early Saturday morning after being robbed at gunpoint in Ybor City.

According to Blue Lives Matter A New Black Panthers leader learned the hard way that police are there to help. Ali Muhammad is known in Tampa for being a leader of the New Black Panthers party, and he is very critical of law enforcement. When Muhammad got robbed at gunpoint, he found himself calling the police for help.

Last Friday, Muhammad was walking home from working as a DJ at a local club.

“I was approached by a young black male who just came up to me and said, ‘Give me your earrings and your backpack,’” Muhammad told Fox 32, “He took everything I had. At the time, he didn’t take my cell phone, and that’s what made me call 911.”

Muhammad started to follow the suspect while speaking with police, but he stopped following when the dispatcher urged him not to.

The suspect continued to rob two additional people at gunpoint. “One lady, she was in tears. She said she couldn’t believe it. He had the gun in her mouth,” said Muhammad.

Officers flooded the area and located the suspect, 18-year-old Antwan Robertson. After a short foot pursuit, officer’s located Robertson hiding behind a dumpster. Officers were able to arrest Robertson and return Muhammad’s belongings to him. Robertson is now being held on three counts of armed robbery, possession of a firearm, and possession of drugs.

“Police can be hostile and very belligerent. Friday night, I met some officers who [were] about business, and that was getting a bad guy off the street,” said Muhammad...

Won't argue Mr Muhammad, we can be hostile and belligerent at times. Often times called for, sometimes not. But we generally deal with people at their worse, the dregs of society and they only understand hostility. Glad your case turned out alright. Next time one of your friends/family gets jacked, remember to tell them to cooperate with the cops.

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