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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Talk about a lucky fool...

Caught on video: Chase suspect gets Tased on busy highway

GARLAND, Texas - A man has been arrested after he led police on a chase that ended with an officer deploying a Taser on him in the middle of a busy highway in Garland, police say.

Several agencies in North Texas were involved in the chase after police said the suspect started driving the wrong way the President George Bush Tollway.

According to KXAS, Rowlett and Garland officers were the first agencies on the chase, but they backed off when it became too dangerous.

Helicopter video showed the driver of the truck pulled over and got out, ran onto Interstate 30 westbound, dodging traffic. An officer used a Taser on him after the driver jumped the median.

Police stopped traffic and arrested the man. There is no word on why the driver was running from police.

Talk about an idiot!

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