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Thursday, October 6, 2016

What we're dealing with...

I grew up in Jefferson Parish, LA, specifically in Metairie, a suburb just west of New Orleans. Growing up I knew one man as sheriff, Harry Lee. He was a man who took nothing off of anybody. When he passed in 2007, his successor, Newell Norman, knew he had big shoes to fill. He has shown himself a very worthy successor.

Last year a thug Desmond Willis shot at two Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (JPSO) deputies and was put down like the animal he was. Naturally the usual suspects said he was innocent, he was never in any trouble, etc. Well Sheriff Norman was good enough to put out the video this "child" had on his social media. I love it when the criminal gives us the evidence himself.

Sheriff, again, we're dealing with feral humans. They don't care if they are living like animals, they look upon you and your deputies as an occupying force.  And until they decide they will not live like this anymore, they won't change.

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