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Monday, November 14, 2016

SNL is still in shock...

I've often called Saturday Night Live one of my guilty pleasures. I record it and generally look over the introduction and Weekend Update. The sometimes have great musical guest.

I was wondering how they would handle the Trump victory last week, I was expecting something in the first few minutes. But there was no acting, but music. Kate McKinnon, the actress who plays Hillary Clinton, preformed an excellent cover of the late Leonard Cohen's (OTS, another reason to say "Screw you 2016!") “Hallelujah,” and just said, “I’m not giving up, and neither should you.”

I'm a little confused here. What is she not "giving up" on or for? She's not clear.

Here is the piece. It's not that long but beautifully done.

I would remind the producers of Saturday Night Live they are in a business to entertain the American people and please, have fun with Trump, etc. But don't take yourselves too seriously. As the NFL is discovering, you insult your client base (current and potential) you will lose them. Trump won, they will take you calling him our on his failures, even slandering him. But don't forget, we're here to be entertained, not be lectured.

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