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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Tell me Chicago is not a war zone...

I recall the experience of Brigadier General James Dozier, who was kidnapped in 1981 by the Red Brigade in Italy. In the 42 days he was held hostage, he found out how easy he was to track. He left his apartment almost every day at the same time (plus or minus 10 minutes), took the same route, left the office at almost the same time every day, etc. Helps the bad guys to know where the target is.

CBS Chicago, Friday, December 6, 2019:
Off-duty Chicago police officer followed from station, shot at The officer was not injured in the attack Yesterday at 11:20 AM
PoliceOne Staff

CHICAGO — An off-duty Chicago police officer was followed and shot at after he left his station Tuesday night.

According to CBS 2, police say the shooting happened after a man jumped out of a gray Dodge Caravan and began firing at the officer’s vehicle. A former police officer who lived nearby and heard the shooting, but didn’t want to identify himself to media, said he heard “at least twelve” gunshots.

“It sounded like an automatic,” the former officer told CBS 2. “The first thing I did was duck away from the window. I did hit the floor.”

Officials told CBS 2 the shooter got back into the Caravan and drove away. The off-duty officer was uninjured and did not fire his weapon during the attack. Police have yet to make an arrest in the case.
Ever now and then I remind my officers to vary where they take a break, where they sit in the restaurant, where they do their reports, as this may make you more vulnerable. Thankfully I'm in Houston where the population is supportive of my officers. Unfortunately, our Blue family in the Windy City has more issues. It's bad we have to practice antiterrorism techniques in our third largest city.

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