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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 could not end fast enough.

2017, here we go!

Looking back, 2016 was rough. The silver lining of a very rough year was Mrs. Bill Clinton was sent packing, hopefully we have seen the fall of the House of Clinton (and the House of Bush, for that matter…guys, enough of you already) and the Republicans have the executive and legislative branches now. Don’t blow it like you did 16 years ago!

Now, for 2016, besides the usual of loose weight, get to the gym, etc…

1. Spend more time with the family. I’ve had only a few years with my step-daughters and they will be gone too soon. Not to mention after Beth getting her BSN, me finishing my MA, we should finally get to spend some time together. We’re looking at a motorcycle cruise this spring. Not to mention visit family and friends in New Orleans more often.

2. Read and write more. I’ve got over 100 books on the shelve to read, but I subscribe to around 10 magazines and I want to spend more time reading and less time on Facebook, etc. I’ve had an article for a police trade magazine accepted and it should be published in the next few months. Thanks to my friend Mike Ford leading the way, I’ve gotten several articles published by American Thinker. Now that I finished my master’s program, I hope to keep the blog up. A bit of a solumn duty, but I caught up with the Office Down postings. Hopefully we don’t have as many as last year.

3. Catch up on the emails, finally. And dump some of the email subscriptions I have.

4. My house is 18 now and needs a few touch ups. I did get the fence replaced last month and now I need to finish the garage update. And Beth and I want to work on the downstairs.

5. Commit myself to more range time. I work the streets, I need to be more proficient with my weapons.

6. Ride my bike more and get more rides planned for the Blue Knights.

7. Simply my life as I can. Make things sync more, as time is wasting.

A quick post as I’m sitting on the porch, enjoying a Rocky Patel and some Red Breast Irish Whiskey. It’s 15 minutes till midnight, so I’ll get my class of champagne ready (don’t care for the stuff, but like the cabbage, which I loath, it’s part of the New Year’s tradition) and get ready to kiss Beth.

Happy New Year all!

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