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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Obama and the "Dignity" of Terror

In the last year I've become a Facebook friend with Steven Mason and he's pinned a great small column here.

On his way out the door, the rampant Anti-Semitism of the Obama regime is shown in full bloom. Again, he stabs the only democracy in the Middle East in the back by allowing the UN to condemn Israel for settlements. As he wants America destroyed (excuse, fundamentally transformed), he will like to see Israel pushed off the map. His State Department wants Israel set back to pre-1967 borders...where the country at one point is six miles wide.

One of the points I (and many others) have made is the fact American Jews give the Dems 70% of the vote, while the Democratic Party is the worse enemy Israeli has. To borrow a phrase from Leonard Nimoy, "Not logical." In repose to me making that point, his response was, "And perhaps this will take that number down to 60%. Baby steps."

Let's hope so. Otherwise, enjoy this.
Obama and the "Dignity" of Terror

After eight long years, the wait is over. Now freed of any political necessary to engage in the taqiyya he so richly practices, he has chosen to reveal his malefactor's soul, denuded of the raiments with which he had clothed his true intentions: the utter deracination of Israel, the full embrace of anti-Semitism.

And now that he has delivered by directing leftist U.N. Ambassador to vote the equivalent of "present," a choice he embraced during his mercifully short time as a Senator, he has done us all multiple favors, the value of which far exceeds the damage done to Israel:

First, except for possibly the J Street crowd (the Jews who hate themselves so much that if their thoughts were physical matter, they would spontaneously combust) the rest of the Jews as well as many Democrats, those who falsely believed Obama cared about Israel, now see Obama and his agenda for what it is: baldly anti-Semitic, pro-radical Islam and pro-terror. For what if nothing else but terrorists are the Palestinians, they who send nail bombs, suicide bombers and stabbers across the border to foment terror, to kill civilians, women, children, babies, everyone; they who school their children with maps that do not have Israel on it; they who treat their own citizens as offal while launching jihad after jihad against Israel? Now, as Obama's legacy, he has removed all doubt: the man who stated that "the future is not for those who would slander the prophet of Islam" has gone all-in. And the Democrats will lose support and votes because of it, not a tsunami, but a gradual, yet inexorable decay, just as he lost the red states.

Second, he has exposed himself as the petty man and malignant narcissist that he is. Even beyond his open embrace of terror is the desire to "get back" at Netanyahu, the man who would not bow to His Majesty. And for the sin of lese majeste, a sin against Obama's anointment as the wisest, greatest President of all time, Netanyahu had to pay. And so he did. But Obama will pay, too, not among the BDS-embracing, leftist elite, but among left-liberals who sought any reason to embrace the First Black President. Now their cognitive dissonance in trying to square the circle will overwhelm many, their worldview of Obama The Great, Obama The Protector, Obama the pro-Israeli President against Trump, that vicious anti-Semite whose most trusted child is a convert to Judaism, who appointed the most pro-Israeli ambassador ever and who got El-Sisi to withdraw his resolution -- but, alas, it was too late. Not all will accept the truth, but some will. And that is enough. Now some would argue that Obama must have been able to anticipate this, but that is because they ignore his malignant narcissism, that of the man who, in his own words, knew more than any of his appointees, more than his campaign managers, more than essentially anyone. Such people will not conclude that Obama is a malignant narcissist, however; rather, they will conclude that he really did and does and for ever shall hate Israel and the Jews.

Third, the action is a sign not of power, but of desperation, of his signature "achievements" being vitiated by Trump. He had to get one last lick in, that last series of kicks between the legs of the Jews and all those who value Western Civilization. All because he is so small a man, so small a President, that schoolyard revenge, Chicago-style, was the primary motive force behind his action, seconded only by his need for adulation by the ever more-deranged left, an adulation without which his life would mean nothing. And if history is written by the victors, and we do indeed eliminate the cancer of radical Islam, that is precisely how he will be remembered: as nothing but a quisling to freedom, liberty and justice for all.

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