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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gotta say this is cool geek stuff

I don't see this as useful for a patrol officer, but still this is is awesome. Maybe a clip on variety. And for those of you who question the ability of cop to tie a Windsor Knot, patrol officers use clip ons for safety. If it's tied around the next bad guys can choke the officer with it.

Tactical necktie with frikkin' lasers makes you king of the geeks

Are you the type of office worker who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to walk around with your phone slung on your belt in a holster with a velcro flap? Do you carry around a laser pointer at all times, just so you can point to things without having to get up off your butt? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you're going to be clamoring for the latest in geeky office wear from the folks at Think Geek.

The Laser-Guided Tactical Necktie puts everything you need to compete in office battle right at your fingertips. Made from the finest tactical nylon, the tie uses a military-style MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) attachment system, so you can keep all of your tactical gear right where you need it.

The tie comes with one removable pouch where you can keep anything from an encrypted thumb drive containing all of your favorite science fiction books, to a copy of your building's emergency plan, just in case. Near the top there's a nice D ring where you can hang larger items like a smartphone or your spare nerd glasses.

The real piece de resistance however, is the class II laser pointer built into its own pouch down at the bottom of the tie. This is ready for you to fire up at a moment's notice so you can point out everyone else's mistakes, or to point out things on the screen while giving a PowerPoint presentation.

What started out as an April Fool's joke is now available now from Think Geek for $29.99, which sounds like a small price to pay for total office supremacy.

I can think of a few guys who would love this!

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