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Friday, June 27, 2014

This woman really needs her head out of her ass.....

I have a good friend and she's a vegan. Like pilots and Mac users, you know they are because they will tell you within 30 seconds of meeting you. And I have no issue with that. You want to only eat veggies, cool, that's more charred animal flesh for me.

But I also know babies need animal milk for initial growth. At some point later you can wean the child off of meat based protean (like mother's milk) but not before the kids out of diapers. And no matter what, if the child needs emergency medical treatment (and dehydration counts), get them to the doctor and worry about his diet later.

Just read:
Casselberry mom refused to take child to hospital over vegan beliefs

A Casselberry mother was arrested on allegations of refusing to take her newborn, diagnosed by a doctor as dehydrated, to a hospital because of her staunch vegan stance.

Sarah Anne Markham was arrested Tuesday on a charge of child neglect.

According to Casselberry police, a pediatrician told Markham that her baby needed to be admitted to Florida Hospital South for treatment because the child was dehydrated and was losing weight.

Markham, however, went home and would not answer when officers knocked at her door.

Police used a locksmith to enter the apartment and interviewed Markham, who said she wanted to get a second opinion about her child, according to a police report.

Police said Markham told them that she wanted to pursue a religious-based treatment and did not believe that her baby was dehydrated because the child was having bowel movements.

Markham said she had contacted a "natural" or "vegan" doctor but was unable to provide any information about him, other than a name.

Markham said she did not give the formula/medicine that the doctor provided because she did not agree with the ingredients, which she said came from animals, the police report stated.

Markham said she purchased organic soy formula, and when asked if she confirmed with a doctor if it was safe for a newborn, she said that if Whole Foods Market sells it then the formula doesn't contain any animal parts and, therefore, must be safe, according to police...
Ms Markham, you want to harm yourself, fine.  Remember, you have a kid to take care of.  

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