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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Damned good shooting.....

Most cops never use their firearms during their careers. The stats are less than five percent of police officers use their weapons over a twenty year career. But you must be ready for it when ever that day comes. And it will not be as easy as the department range, as this video shows:

Louisville officer shoots through patrol car windshield, killing suspect

A police spokesman said that officers responded to a reported store robbery in the Portland neighborhood on April 24. A suspect matching the description of the store robber fled when police made contact with him. Police said that the suspect was “brandishing” a handgun and shot the suspect, who died shortly after being taken to hospital by emergency services. Police said that no officers were struck by gunfire...
Ion recalling Clint Eastwood’s immortal advise from Heartbreak Ridge, “Improvise, adapt, overcome!” This officer did, and handled the armed felon. But for some reason that wasn’t good enough for this TV reporter.
“...The former police chief for Madison, Wisconsin, David Couper, was quoted by The Courier Journal as saying the move seemed “reckless,” and that the bullet’s trajectory could have been changed when going through the windshield.”
OK, this is a shooting in Kentucky, why do you have to get an opinion from a former chief three states away? I am recalling the accepted (by the 4th Estate) definition of an “expert:” Anyone fifty miles away.

Sorry Chief Dave, the man handled the situation. Excellent work officer.

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