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Monday, March 29, 2021

Oh the horror. The cops killed a man with a knife to another man's neck. In jail!

As I'm getting older, I have less tolerance for members of the 4th Estate and their clueless commentary on law enforcement. Case in point.

Police fatally shot a jail inmate after an officer was taken hostage and cells were unlocked

In a video apparently live-streamed on Facebook, a corrections officer knelt on the floor of a jail, an inmate in a black-and-white striped uniform standing over him.

“It ain’t nothing against the C.O., man,” said another detainee, who was filming from inside a cell. “We ain’t got no mirrors in here. The water don’t work, toilet backed up. This is what we dealing with.”

As a quick aside of the main point, we don't give prisoners mirrors. They will be broken and the pieces used as weapons. 

The scene unfolded Saturday at the Oklahoma County Detention Center after the guard was “overrun” by at least one inmate, officials said. It ended with police shooting and killing the suspected hostage-taker, who allegedly held a makeshift knife to the officer’s neck. Inmates also used the guard’s keys to open cell doors...

...With up to 2,700 inmates on a daily basis, the 268,000 square-foot Oklahoma County Detention Center is the largest in the state, according to the sheriff’s office...

...Saturday’s unrest began just after 4 p.m. in a tenth floor, 37-person pod that houses those considered most difficult to manage, jail administrator Greg Williams said. At least one inmate overpowered the corrections officer as he was distributing medication and took his radio and keys, he said...

“...We ain’t got no showers in two weeks,” he said. “Our power was just out two days. Ain’t got nothing to do with this C.O. He just so happens to be a product of the situation.”

Tactical officers from the Oklahoma City Police Department and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. Sheriff Tommie Johnson III said they tried to de-escalate the situation but the inmate had the corrections officer “in a hostage position, with something held to his neck.”

Sheriff’s office spokesman Aaron Brilbeck described the item as “a makeshift knife...” 

No kidding Ms. Shammas, we have a prisoner threatening the life of a corrections officer with a knife. Or bladed object, to be more accurate. It is amazing how prisoners fashion weapons of simple medal they pull off of objects in the jail. And when he is threatening the life of a third person, the cop can use deadly force to stop it. 

I don't know if the prisoner was accurate in his statements on "no showers in two weeks." It may shock some people, but prisoners lie (I know, can't believe it!). But my answer to them would be the same as the one I gave a sixteen year old thief I was transporting to juvenile hall, who hated the handcuffs. 

If you don't like handcuffs, don't steal! 

Hey guys, don't like jails or prisons, don't be a criminal!

Nice work Oklahoma City! 

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