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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Read, read, read...and read some more.

When I think of reading and professional development, two great quotes from Otto von Bismarck put it well:

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” 

“Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others.” 

One of the great podcast I enjoy is Policing Matters, a great source of law enforcement issues. And this linked podcast reminded me, again, to listen to a man's full statement before I pass judgement. In this episode, Jim Dudley speaks with retired Los Angeles Sheriff's Office Commander Sid Heal. He discussed options for "non-lethal" force, AKA "intermediate force," for cops on the street. 

My wife is one me about binge buying books quickly. Well, I immediately ordered Concepts of Non-lethal Force, and put it on my "to read" shelf. Actually, fully stocked five level book shelf. And by Sunday I'll be reading this. 

Have a great weekend. 

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