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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

RIP Francis Currey, MOH Battle of the Bulge

I've said multiple time to friends and family, a national treasure (no exaggeration) is the National World War II Museum in New Orleans LA. Besides the displays and other items, many of the vets of the war are there, speaking with visitors. And the fact is they are passing. If you were 18 in 1945, you are 93 now. We have recently lost another member of the Greatest Generation.
Local WWII veteran, Medal of Honor recipient dies at 94

SELKIRK — Francis S. Currey, one of the last few living World War II veterans who received the Medal of Honor, died Tuesday morning at 94...

...Currey, of Selkirk, was originally born in Loch Sheldrake, New York on June 29, 1925 and joined the U.S. Army when he was 17 where he eventually became a technical sergeant. According to the Digital Collections of the National WWII Museum, on Dec. 21, 1944, Currey risked his life when German infantrymen shot at his direction in Malmedy, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. He countered with a bazooka and anti-tank grenades, and rescued five fellow American soldiers who were trapped by German tank rounds. He was just 19 at the time.

His heroic actions earned him the Medal of Honor — the highest and most prestigious decoration for an outstanding U.S. military service member for acts of valor — and has been said to win the battle and shorten the war. According to a July 14, 2006 article by the Times Herald-Record, a GI Joe action figure was crafted in his image back in 1998.

RIP sir...We Got The Watch.

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