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Thursday, January 26, 2023

A now retired Miami cops Burning Bridges on the way out...

All the burning bridges that have fallen after me

All the lonely feelings and the burning memories

Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door

Burning bridges lost forevermore

"Burning Bridges"

The Mike Curb Congregation

I (and countless other cops) have posted on how the career of law enforcement is in peril, and for the first time in memory, cops are telling others (like three kids) don't come in this career path. The man who Houston Police Department over a quarter century ago is now retired, and he's told his children to not follow in his footsteps. When officers are afraid of making one mistake, or no  mistake and being back stabbed, they will not make any effort to control crime or show any initiative. 

As I've said countless times, cops are joining the fire department. They are signing onto their units, going to their "safe space," and then they will answer their calls for service, but they will not go out or show initiative. And two be effectivelaw enforcement must by assertive, going out there, interacting with the public and searching for the bad guys.

Well, found this interesting. A Miami Police sergeant was saying goodby, and she let the former great department have it:

MIAMI – A veteran City of Miami Police Sergeant retired on Thursday, and she may have burned a few bridges on her way out.

It is routine for an officer, when they retire, to announce it over the radio.

But for 33-year veteran Sgt. Marilin Garcia, goodbye was anything but routine.

“This place was an amazing department to work for until the back stabbing and personal attacks started from my immediate supervisors and the First,” Garcia said over the police radio. “And if you don’t know who the First is, the First of nothing. To the chief and the First of nothing, you guys are in denial. You think you’re doing an amazing job, but in reality, you have destroyed this police department and the morale, except for your circle, which is definitely took care of.”

Garcia then refers to the prior police chief, Art Acevedo.

“I thought that Acevedo was bad, but at least one things for sure, I knew where he was coming from. To the First, you have a nasty attitude. So do yourself a favor and take some interpersonal skill classes so you know how to treat people right. And finally, to my immediate supervisor, Maj. Garrido. You are a liar, a snake in the grass, a cancer to this department. The hardest thing of being a female in this department was being surrounded by many males knowing that I was more of a man than you.”

She concluded with this message for her now-former fellow officers.

“Please take care of yourself. Back each other up because they don’t care about you, your family,” Garcia said...

Ouch. When you have people saying that on the way out, what do they think as they are in. And I'll second what she said about Acevedo, I met the man in 2011 in Austin when he was chief there. We were about to have the Police Memorial Ride around the capital and I was speaking with some local cops when he walked up, shaking hands like a good politician. After he left I asked the officers, "What's he like?" Their response, "He'll smile in your face while he's f^&*ing you dry." I found about that a few years later. 

But this shows the continued degrading of policing throughout the country, and it's only going to get worse. A few sheriff's ago in Harris County (Houston TX), I called then sheriff, Ron Hickman, "A Cop's Cop." Sheriff Hickman succeeded a political in uniform, and unfortunately he was succeeded by another politician in uniform. How bad? Well, Biden wanted him for his ICE director. In that position, Mr. Gonzales only job would be to keep our borders wide open and help the invasion continue.

It's taken over a generation to screw this up, but it will take longer for it to be fixed. People inclined to be cops are not trusting to begin with (we deal with a lot of lying people). Getting lied to from our "customers," is expected. Not knowing what to believe from your command group or political leadership is worse. 

To my fellow cops out there, watch your back. The climate is very hostile to you right now, don't stick your neck out, and if any of these liberal sacks of s^&* complain about you, tell them to call BLM or Antifa. 

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