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Friday, January 6, 2023

Not sure I'm fired up...

But looking forward to this year, in spite of feeling old.

With the wife out of town for a few days, I have some times to myself. Really great day, spent most of it cleaning, middle age sucks. But it is the first weekend of the year, and I'm actually looking forward it it.

Next weekend starts off with a party of several high school friends on Friday. The on Saturday we're attending a William Shatner presentation, get to see him live before he rejoins, I hate to say, most of his crew. He's doing a tour, giving the "inside" view of the making of the series and the movies. What the hell, I've spent money on other things that see to be a waste, but if you want to, it's not a waste. And I'll say this, he's 91 and still going strong for a man that age. I'm really wondering if he will outlast George Takei (85) and Walter Koenig (86).

In March my beautiful wife and I we celebrate 10 years together. To celebrate, in May we're heading on a cruise to Alaska. We will be attending the Blue Knights Regional Conference in April, and hopefully attending the International Conference in July. 

All in all, hope to have a great 2023, last few years have sucked. 

In hope for a quick start on a great year, from Pat Benatar''s seventh album Wide Awake in Dreamland, her first release, "All Fired Up," I can't believe I got that album during my Army basic course at Ft. Huachuca AZ in the spring of 1988. Damn time flies. But it's a kick ass song and one thing I will do before this month is out is watch Pat and Neil "Spider" Giraldo's admission into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame a few months back. Long overdue IMHO.

With that, enjoy this video, and have a great weekend. 

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