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Saturday, January 28, 2023

On March 14, 1984, Gary Plauché waited at a wall phone for the man who molested and kidnapped his son. The suspect was found in California with his son, and the boy had been returned a few days before. And the suspect was being escorted to Baton Rouge by police pending trial. On live TV, as the man was walking through the airport, they passed a bank of pay phones. Mr. Plauché turned, aimed, fired (killed the suspect almost instantly, he got off easy), and immediately surrounded to the police. 

The assistant district attorney who taught my police academy class criminal law had a phrase: "Some people just need killing!" He qualified. Sometimes justice is served outside of the justice system. So did this sack of shit. 

Well, looks like someone has also handled a matter where the justice system failed. 

Teen Who Got Lenient Sentence For Plowing Car Into Mother And Baby Is Fatally Shot After Release

Palmdale, CA – A California teen who was sentenced to just a few months in a juvenile probation camp for mowing down a mother with a stolen car as she was walking with her eight-month-old son in a stroller in 2021 was found shot to death last week.

Sources close to the investigation said that 17-year-old Kristopher Baca had gone to a fast-food restaurant on Jan. 18 in an attempt to “get with a girl,” according to FOX News.

He was walking home alone in the 83600-block of 11th Street East when a vehicle pulled up alongside him, according to the source.

An argument ensued and someone inside the car ultimately opened fire on Baca before speeding away, FOX News reported.

Los Angeles County deputies found him dead at the scene.

You can only speculate if given time he would have gotten his life together or not. But I think it's safe to say he wasn't headed to being the valedictorian of his high school, followed by Harvard and Yale medical school. Why am I so sure:

Baca was already on probation for poisoning a high school girl’s drink when the then-15-year-old slammed into a woman and her child on a one-way backstreet in Venice on Aug. 6, 2021, FOX News reported.

He was behind the wheel of a stolen car at the time.

Security footage showed the young mother trying to push herself and her child up against a wall as the speeding car came barreling towards them.

She turned her body towards the car at the last minute in a futile apparent attempt to protect her son, but the force of the impact threw her into the air and violently toppled the stroller.

The woman immediately scrambled to her feet and rushed to her baby as Baca sped off down the road, the video showed.

Several witnesses chased after the fleeing teen, who was ultimately stopped when the driver of a large pickup truck slammed into him head-on.

Thankfully some real public servants stopped the waste of sperm and took him into custody for the cops. A man driving a truck hit the stolen car to stop him. Hopefully the civilians severely detained him for the police. 

Seeing this is Los Angeles, he of course was given a slap on the wrist by the DA's office, and sentenced to juvenile probation camp. Not exactly club fed, but close. 

I do feel sorry for his mother, see has to bury her son, a nightmare I would not wish on my worse enemy. That being said...mom, he didn't concern himself with his life or anyone else's. Perhaps if he did, you would not being dealing with this now. But I don't think many other people should weep for his passing. 

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