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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Something great on a Saturday afternoon...

As I enjoy a pleasant afternoon with a scotch and finishing an excellent cigar (Rocky Patel Disciple), I picked up the mail and found a package in the box. A few weeks back I finished a great book, Extreme Ownership, written by two retired Navy SEALS who have moved into the corporate world, consulting on leadership. An excellent book on how leaders most own it, the good, the bad, the ugly.

Extreme Ownership is a book to be used, a how to manual if you will. I remember a great commander said of an Army Technical Manuel, they should be written on, dirty, have folded edges. Shows it's been used.  It has a lot of marks and writing in it. Here is the book from the top:

Just before Christmas I mailed it to their corporate office for them to sign. Last few years I've been sending books to the authors for signature. Find making it easy for them, i.e. inclosing return postage, helps! :<)

First it has the signature inside the book:


Thanks for serving in the world's finest army, and for sharing your lessons on command and leadership. Persistence wins the world. Lead + win. 


1-1 AD "Army SEAL" 

To explain, they were SEALS attached to the 1st Armored Division in Iraq. Many lessons in the book from their experience with the Army. 

There was also a note attached. 

Michael, A well-tabbed, highlighted and underlined book is the best complement you can pay any author. Thanks for serving in Army intelligence. As Jocko and I often say, we didn’t invent anything new. There is only what works and what doesn’t. Keep getting after it! Leif. 


Going to my shelve for signed books.  I feel as high as a kite now (Yes, a bit of nerd high). I think this will justify another excellent stick and some more whiskey (like I need justification). I told my wife about this and ended it with the quote from The Duke:

And I am not intoxicated...YET!

Gonna be fun at work at 0600 tomorrow!  

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