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Friday, January 27, 2023

I remember speaking with a female friend a few years back about Pat Benatar, can't recall why we got on her. But I made the point, "I really doubt I was the only teenage boy in this country with overactive hormones and fantasies of that woman in her spandex and leather." 

Well, the years have gone on and she has continues to rock on. I got to see her at the House of Blues in 2010, she can still rock like crazy. But it blows me away she turned 70n on January 10th. But is one sexy senior citizen, aging well. Good lord I'm feeling old.

With that said, I wanted to post this last week in commemoration of that event, but I posted instead on the passing of David Crosby. But her birthday cannot go unnoticed. 

She and her husband Neil Giraldo have written and produced countless awesome songs. But I must say my two favorites songs from Pat are covers. At the top of the list is her cover of Billy Thermal's I'm Gonna Follow You. But a close second is her cover of Kate Bush's Withering Heights.       

From what I understand Bush had never read the novel, but saw the 1967 BBC movie and within a few hours, wrote a classic. I've heard her song, good, but Pat knocked it out the park. And can't think of a better way to say Happy Birthday Pat. 

From her 1980 album "Crimes of Passion." Enjoy and have a great weekend. 

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