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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Liberals show again why the moniker libtard fits...

I have no idea who Mr. Linker is, I found him linked on Hotair. Now I find this enlightening. Liberals like to call themselves more learned, knowledgeable, etc than conservatives. I guess that's has a bit of a point, they can see a "right" to a taxpayer funded abortion, or for two men to marry, in the U.S. Constitution when the words "abortion" and "marriage" are never mentioned in the document. Guess I need my glasses checked again.

But Mr. Linker is explaining why the Dems must win, and how it would be the End of the World as We Know It if the Dems loose, and loose dirty.
The worst-case scenario for the midterms

Damon Linker
November 5, 2018

Unless you're a die-hard Trumpist Republican who wants to see America's supremely polarizing president govern with close to a free hand, the best possible outcome for Tuesday's midterm elections is obvious: Democrats win.

Ideally Democrats would win both houses of Congress. But that's unlikely. The best polling data shows the Dems likely to win the House but lose the Senate. But either outcome — winning both or just one chamber — should be welcomed. Even with just the House, Democrats could provide a real check on our unpopular Republican president for the next two years...

"Unpopular?" His approval ratings are higher at his point of his first term than B Hussein Obama's were. Not to mention Trump's media attention has been like the artillery preparation on Normandy on D-Day, while B Hussein Obama's hard interviews included being called, "The incredible Barrack Obama..."
...But there are worse things than losing.

Like losing dirty.

That, I'm afraid, is how millions of Democrats would evaluate the outcome of the midterms if the Republicans hold both houses of Congress while losing the aggregate vote by multiple percentage points. This happened in 2012, when Democrats in House races received nearly 1.5 million more votes than Republicans, with the Republicans nonetheless winning a majority of the seats (by a margin of 234-201). If that happens again, let alone if the discrepancy between the vote and the practical result is even greater, the United States will begin to face a genuine legitimation crisis — with Democrats systematically denied political power commensurate with their level of support in the population at large.

This systematic bias against the Democrats would put them at a political disadvantage across the entirety of the federal government — with the House, the Senate, and the Electoral College all weighted against them, and the judiciary following suit because judges and Supreme Court justices are nominated by presidents and confirmed by the Senate. When this systematic injustice is combined with the GOP's refusal to govern with the modesty and restraint that befit a minority party, the country would find itself in a highly volatile situation.

That's why this should be considered the worst-possible outcome of the midterm election — one that would portend dark things for the country's future, including a potential radicalization of the left that could well end in political violence far beyond anything seen the United States for decades. Such a turn toward widespread civil unrest would be all the more dangerous because it would not be unjustified....

I recall the worlds of a STRATFOR article:
...We tend to confuse the terms “intellectual” and “intelligent.” An intellectual is a person who makes his living dealing in ideas. He is learned by profession. He could also be a moron. There is no guarantee that an intellectual is intelligent. At the same time, there are people who are enormously intelligent, but not at all intellectual. They do not make their living working with ideas. They are not learned. But their unencumbered intelligence can sometimes see the future more clearly than someone who is encumbered by complex ideas that their intelligence can’t sort through...
Mr. Linker is definitely an intellectual of this mold. Hate to tell you, the "dirty loss" is legitimate. You may have missed something in school, but the federal government did not create the states. The states created the federal government. How the states are organized is up to the people of the state, not to federal buerocrats.

BTY, the results will not "radicalize" the left, they have been since the late 60s/early 70s. The Democratic Party of Scope Jackson, JFK, etc is gone, replaced by a Democratic-Socialist group of radicals who hate this nation and will not stop until the USA is just another second rate European power. Of course, their money and power will not be redistributed, only yours. Funny how that works.

An excellent read on the last election, and the electorate, is The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics. A point made in their analysis is the GOP does have a demographics issue. As more minorities enter, they can change the nature of the populace. However, the Dems have a geography problem. What they are selling doesn't sell in the Mid-West, etc. And as the president is indirectly elected, and the senate gives equal representation to the states, their is still hope we can keep the Dems out of power.

I'm getting ready for tonight. Predictions? GOP picks up 4-5 seats in the senate, keeps the house, and the governorship in Georgia and Wisconsin.

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