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Friday, November 16, 2018


I remember Live Aid, the musical talent on that stage was incredible. And it can be said, as Elton John said to the band, "Queen stole the show!"

My wife and I had the pleasure of watching Bohemian Rhapsody last weekend, and we loved it. Rami Malek has Freddy Mercury down!. I never knew he had extra incisors in his jaw, and he refused to get them removed. He believed it helped his vocal range. No question, it was awesome.

Enjoy this as you're getting ready for the weekend.


  1. My manager saw Bohemian Rhapsody last weekend and said the same -- excellent. Goalcast on FB has an excellent 3-1/2 minute video on Freddy Mercury if you have a chance to watch it. Ironically, his overbite and crooked smile turned out to be an unexpected blessing.

  2. I remember thinking, when Mercury was alive, “This dude’s got a weird mouth...” I never knew about the extra teeth until this movie. Don’t know if it helped his vocal range or not, his range was awesome. And he was an incredible music writer, which is something I personally hold in higher esteem than musical talent.

    I’ve said it often, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Billy Joel may not be the best instrument players, or the best singers. Their talent is in writing songs. Freddy, like Elton John, and Prince, could do it all, sing, play and write music. Hell of a loss.