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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another good dumb criminal story...

Had a good one today. Possible DWI. I get there and the driver is already in the back of another cop's car. I start the DWI investigation and I generally start by asking some simple questions to see how impaired he is.

Question: “Sir, without looking at your watch, tell me about what time is it?”
Answer: “Three.”

FYI it was around 620pm.

Question: “Sir, when did you start drinking?”
Answer: “Around two.”

Question: “Sir, when did you stop drinking?”
Answer: “Around four.”

Yes, he did a time warp to go back one hour before he finished drinking and three hours before the actual time.

Question: “Sir, how many drinks did you have?”
Answer: “Around one.” FYI he is not able to stand without support.

Question: “Sir, you had one drink, well was that one shot, one with ice, how did you take it?”
Answer: “Well actually it was two.....”

All cops out there have you heard this answer before to the question of how much have you had to drink, “A couple of beers...”

Man I love dump people...they are job security.

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