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Monday, April 18, 2011

Man my butt is tired....

But the Blue Knights ride again
Beth and I spent the weekend back in New Orleans at the South Eastern Regional Conference of the Blue Knights,  a motorcycle riding clue for law enforcement officers.  Our friend Jason had invited us and after getting some last minute baby sitting details worked out, away we went.
After leaving on Friday the 15th, we has a great ride for most of the trip....until we got to Baton Rouge.  Construction with  a couple of accidents thrown in for good measure is enough to slow down a twenty minute cross over to a one hour and twenty minute cross over.  Make it in too late for check in by we did make it to the initial Friday party.  Crawfish and beer...life is good.  As we caught up with some friends and got into a few new conversations one thing Beth and I had to do was look at the motorcycles and the states they came from....Illinois, Florida, Colorado and we even had a couple from Canada.  Damned I thought I was tired from a seven hour ride.  

And here it is!

This guy came from Colorado...but he needed a little boost!

After the tour one of the great parts of the registration was an open bar in the hospitality room...thankfully all these guys had to do is make it down the hallway.....

On Saturday we linked up with the group and after come coffee we headed up and toured the plantations near New Orleans off the levees.  Beautiful houses but as one person put it you had to imagine these building without the stuff 

behind them...or a levee in front of them...a couple  of hundred yards to river.  

2009 Harley Davidson for sale...do I see a theme.  

After a small party at the Harley Davidson Dealership on Airline Highway and not enough crawfish, we needed a second helping...so Shortstop poboys followed by snowballs at

Snowballs from Sonny's in Kenner LA
life is even better...

Shrimp Poboy, Zapps Crawtators and Abita Beer...
life is good.

Dinner with some with of the members on Saturday night...followed by a night with Jason’s band at Smity’s After Hours in Kenner LA. 

And breakfast with my family on Sunday morning...after a long night of sleep.  
And a long ass ride back to Houston.  At least the traffic was cooperating and we made it in in six and a half hours...all in all a good training ride for our trip to Virginia in July for the Blue Knights International.  Will need a pad for my seat, foot pegs for the front and back so Beth and I can stretch  out and we have to remember to bring the scotch this time! :)
Hope you have a great week....

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