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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Am I just suffering fools less easily....

Or are young people just clueless.

Around two this morning we had a hold up alarm at fast food place and the dispatcher said "callers says he's trying to rob the place through the drive through,,,,". I get there and as I park to block the drive through lane I see three twenty something males looking at me like "Hey dude what's going on?". As I get out of my car and grab my pistol I say "Get out of here!". I'm going around a wall with my weapon in my hand, look back for other units and I see the three young males (I decline to use the term men) still standing there as multiple cars arrive.  This time I use my command voice more forcefully and say "Get the f{}# out of here!" and they slowly start walking.  Well it was a false hold up alarm and we all as usual laughed then got back into service.  

As I'm getting into my car and preparing to depart I see clueless boys standing there and putting aside my feeling of "this is a waste of time" I drive up and say "Hey guys, when a cop drives up to the place you are at, pulls his gun out and then says 'Get the f{}# out of here!' why don't you get the point and leave...we have weapons out for a reason!"  One seems sightly clueless but says "...ok....". The other says "....well you could say it nicer...."

Before I waste any more seconds of my life I drive off.

As I'm rightly concerned we're raising clueless sheep to lead this nation....hey, I would say kids like that are going to pay my Social In-Insecurity but I have faith...they will be on SSI!

God help the nation.

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  1. You are just suffering fools less easily, and they are just clueless.