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Friday, July 15, 2016

American Thinker: Nice attack a blow to Hillary

Fellow Army officer, long time friend and former cop Mike Ford has anther great article in American Thinker. Enjoy and comments are always welcome!
July 15, 2016 
Nice attack a blow to Hillary 
By Mike Ford 
As I watch the reporting of the carnage that just took place in Nice, France, I cannot understand how anyone with two neurons to rub together could support a political party or candidate that allows Muslim immigration, refugee or otherwise, into these United States. I get this insane blood pressure spike every time I see footage of American citizens who were forced to choose between burning to death in agony or plummeting to their deaths from the Trade Center Towers. The footage from Nice instigates those same spikes. 
Our choice is clear: do we support a candidate who puts the interests and security of the United States first? Or do we support a candidate who has a record of criminal activity – who looks at her political career as a way to fill her personal financial coffers? 
Hillary Clinton has a long history of feeding at the public trough, whether as a political spouse or as an elected or appointed official. While her personal corruption may have started as acceptable, she has now blown right through "somewhat unseemly" and arrived well in the middle of "snout down in the trough up to the ears." 
Moreover, as the director of the FBI has stated, Clinton's handling of classified information, some of which is so sensitive that disclosure of it could likely cause the death of U.S. covert agents, was "extremely negligent." 
Then there is Clinton's position regarding Syrian "refugees." She advocates bringing thousands of them here. I have two questions: 
1) First and foremost, how does this benefit the United States and the taxpayers who have to pay for it? 
2) How can they be "vetted"? As Mrs. Clinton knows, the best way to truly vet a foreign national is through that person's government – a government with whom we have friendly ties. How are we supposed to do that with Syrians? 
Donald Trump has none of these issues – especially regarding immigration. Mr. Trump understands, as did President James Earl Carter, that sometimes we as a nation have to turn off the immigration spigot until "we can figure out what is going on." 
Mike Ford is a retired infantry officer, frequently edited by his lovely bride, who is a retired English teacher and high school principal.  
I would add even the disgraced FBI director, James Comey said last year we cannot vet these invaders, err immigrants, oh, yea, refugees, as there is no database to query. So we're importing the people who will lead to a civil war. Again, thanks libtards and B Hussein Obama.

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