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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

There are Trekkies and there are Trekers...

There they're these guys.

I've often had to explain the difference between a Trekers and Trekkies. A Treker obviously likes the series, may go to the conventions dressed up as Kirk or Picard and even stupid Hamlet in the Original Klingon. But come Monday the costume if in the closet, the costume in the closet, he's in the officer supporting 2.3 children, etc. A Trekkies, on the other hand, at 43, still lives with mom and day, is working at the CVS photo lab part time, hasn't seen a woman's breast since he found his uncles's Playboy, his only plan for the future is to save his money for the VUL-CON Convention in three months.

Now we have these guys who are making their own movies, short, stores, etc. Interesting watch.

I'm a libertarian at heart. While I would never see myself doing this (think Shatner overacts, you should see me on the center stage! :<) ) and CBS, if they are not trying to sell it against your own product, let them do it. It's not like they will really be eating into your bottom line (hint, the nerds who watch this will watch both) and they may give your writers some ideas.

LLAP guys!


  1. You have an issue with Vul-con?


    1. Absolutely not! But I know you have a life, career, family. :<)