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Sunday, July 24, 2016

From Houston TX to Baton Rouge LA, help at a very trying time.

I love my adopted home town of Houston, helping my home state of Louisiana at a time of need. Thank you sir for this donation.
WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports

Texas man donates custom-made caskets to families of fallen officers

Trey Ganem drove from Houston to Baton Rouge Thursday with a special gift for the families of the three officers who died during Sunday's shooting: custom caskets for each officer that Ganem made at his shop in Texas.

He is donating them to the families. Ganem was a Sheriff's deputy for two years and said he was inspired to create them immediately after hearing about Sunday's massacre.

"People need to put their pride aside and start living from the heart,” Ganem said.

Each casket has a similar design, but they're different based on the particular officer, based on military service, their department and their personality. Each casket is painted blue with an American flag on top and each has special symbols for each officer, like a Superman logo on Montrell Jackson's casket, because his family always thought of him that way.

Ganem was escorted for the four hour trip to Baton Rouge by the Undefeated Motorcycle Club, a group of former and active law enforcement officers.

"You know, you just can't do enough to help your families, your brothers, your sisters out there... during a tragic time. You know, it's time to heal,” said Richard Sedgwick, the president of the club.

Ganem met with Matthew Gerald's wife, Dechia Gerald, at the Rest Haven Funeral Home. He says she was deeply touched when she saw the casket.

"It's touching their lives and helping them. Like, she was smiling then. And who smiles at this time, you know? She was like, 'He would have loved it,'” Ganem said...

Thank you sir, from a member of the Thin Blue Line.

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