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Friday, July 8, 2016

Cop Motivation

Some great example of cops on The Watch, combined with Al Pacino's great speech from Any Given Sunday.

“The sheep do not want the dog around. He looks too much like the wolf. He reminds them that danger lurks out there, just beyond the relative safety of the fence.

The wolf also hates the dog. He knows that it is the dog that stands between him and his prey. It is because of the dog that he is lean. The dog is the reason the wolf is forced to stalk the darkness.

The dog knows these facts. Undeterred, he stands watch, ever ready to do battle. Despite that he is an unwelcome guest in their mists, the dog is ready, at a moments notice, to give his life in defense of his flock. It is simply who he is. Police"

I post this as I'm about to leave for home. I've accomplished my mission in life. I've started The Watch, and I'm going home at the End of Watch. Be safe out there.

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