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Friday, March 15, 2019

Been a long, strange week.....

So let's be Pink!

Yesterday, right after roll call, Armageddon happened. We had over 40 calls holding, and next thing you know two emergency calls drop, every unit was tied up or we didn't have cars for the other units. Had to ride like a mad dog to one emergency call after another for two hours. Was really fun....love days like that. :<) Well, today I'm working the desk and Armageddon again happened, all I could do it get units on the street. But things are quiet now. I get off in three hours, and I see a cigar and scotch in my very near future. So I'll leave you with a great version of a classic song from Jefferson Airplane. White Rabbit, performed by Pink.

Saw a great comment at the bottom of the video:

If Janis and Grace Slick had a lovechild, it'd be Pink!

Have a great weekend!

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