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Monday, March 5, 2018

A real Oscar tribute.....

Like most Americans, I did not watch the Academy Awards. Full disclosure, I did check the Drudge Report and got the great news Gary Oldman won Best Actor for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. If you want a great acceptance speech, here it is. He first thanks America for everything it's given him. How nice it is to see an actor thank the nation that's given him so much.  But I digress.

The movies suck these days, with few exceptions, such as Darkest Hour. I used to go to 2-3 movies a month. Now it's 2-3 a year because of a lack of good films to select, and the ridiculous cost. For my wife and I to go to a matinee I have to put out over thirty dollars. Forgive me, it ain't worth it.

But more to the point, I really don't feel like be lectured by Hollywood hypocrites for hours about how America is such a miserable place, women and minorities are oppressed, etc. Well, 2017 was a great year to show women are sexually harassed. By Hollywood stars and producers, Democratic politicians, and other liberals. I enjoyed one leftist after another going down, hoisted on their own petard. Which brings me to this.

The Oscars show a list of the people who have passed in previous year. Well someone has a list now. Of the sexually harassers who were sent packing for their exploits. Enjoy!

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