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Friday, March 2, 2018

How to handle a hostage taker...

Probably has a splitting headache after this.

A San Diego cop delivered a fatal shotgun blast to the face of a man who had taken his ex-wife hostage.

San Diego, CA – Police released helicopter and bodycam footage of a San Diego officer blasting a hostage taker with his shotgun to rescue a victim (video below).

Police said that Juan Carlos Fernandez, 22, opened fire on several members of his former wife’s family in the courtyard of their apartment building in City Heights on Nov. 13, 2016.

Officers responded to a call for a domestic disturbance at about 9:15 p.m., after two men got into a fistfight...

...A police helicopter with night vision arrived above the scene first, and those pilots were able to inform the patrol officers of what was happening before they arrived.

Responding officers found Fernandez holding his wounded ex-wife in a headlock, as he dragged her towards his car, KSWB reported.

Patrol officers repeatedly commanded Fernandez to let go of his hostage, and get on the ground, but he ignored them, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

A 12-year-veteran of the police force took one shot at Fernandez with a shotgun, and killed him.

In the videos, Fernandez can be seen dragging his hostage to the ground with him as he fell. But she quickly extricated herself from his fallen form, and ran to the officers...

Excellent work officer. Sorry you had to take that action, but he's no loss to the human gene pool.

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