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Friday, March 27, 2020

Don't Fear the Reaper....

But love the Cowbells

I'm in a morbid mood as we are going out of our mind on Coronavirus. I don't question, it's a legitimate threat to the health and life of certain select groups (older people, the very young, people with other medical issues regarding their immune system). But to basically shut down the world's economy, blow over two trillion dollars on a voice vote, etc, is insanity. So as long as we're insane. let's go full on it. First, Blue Oyster Cult's classic on coming to the end, with some serious dark overtones. Enjoy Don't Fear the Reaper.

And as a lighthearted bookend to the classic above, we have another classic from Saturday Night Live, with an actor with some serious dark overtones, Christopher Walken. We need More Cowbells!

Hopefully this time next week we're at a restaurant drinking a beer as this overreaction is over. Have a great weekend!

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