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Friday, January 19, 2018

At the very least, could they have put that animal away for fifteen years....

I remember a quote from a judge profiled in 60 Minutes ages ago. She was in the process of sentenceing a convicted felon to over 250 years and he was crying. So she comforted him with these words, "Don't worry, you won't serve half of it...."

Now the Harris County, TX District Attorney has made herself famous for wanting to, among other things, "reform" bail and reduce the number of people in jail. I wonder how her plan looks now.

Suspect in Spring couple's murder served only three years of 30-year sentence

Khari Kendrick is one of three suspects charged with murdering Bao and Jenny Lam.

Investigators say the suspects ambushed the Lams, tortured them and killed them execution style. They believe robbery was the motive.

Less than two months before this ruthless crime was committed, Khari Kendrick was in prison. He was serving a 30-year sentence for burglary, a weapons charge and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Of that 30-year sentence, he served just three years and was released with supervised parole.

Victim's advocate Andy Kahan was outraged. He said he can't believe the suspect was able to serve such a short sentence.

We reached out to the Parole Board to ask them about the short sentence and they said he was approved for parole for the following reasons:
1.He maintained a satisfactory institutional adjustment.
2.He completed prison programs, activities and treatments.
3.It was his first incarceration and he would remain under a period of supervision...

I posted last week on the new Philadelphia DA wanting to "reform" bail and reduce the number of people in prison. I wonder how soon Phili will have a story like this?

Thanks Ryan W for the link.

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