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Monday, February 10, 2020

Klinger is not the only crazy man in Toledo...

Over the last few decades, police have had to carry more and more stuff on their duty belt, known as the Sam Brown. Recently some departments have allowed officers to use exterior vest over their uniform shirts. The vest carry the body armor that has been a lifesaver for countless officers, as well as allowing the officers to spread their duty equipment around. This saves abuse on your back and hips. Also, for people in hot areas, you can quickly remove the vest to cool off as you are writing a report or taking a break in a safe space :<). Not in Toledo. Thanks chief!
Toledo Police bans tactical vests for officers

By Alexis Means

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - There are a number of tools police officer need to carry to fight crime on the street, and Toledo's top cop is addressing gripes about his new policy to ban a particular vest Toledo police ocers used to wear. Officers have been told they can no longer wear Molle tactical vests. The order went into effect February 1.

"In my opinion, that looks too much like a military soldier," said Toledo Police Chief George Kral.

The chief is big on community policing. The past four police classes have been issued new bullet resistant vests. Some officers don't like the new order. They claim the old vests helped to eliminate back and hip pain.

And rookies generally don't worry about back and hip issues. But that changes over the years. Not to mention the less you have on the belt, the less likely you will loose it in a chase. Chief, with all due respect, you're making you officer's job more difficult. Try using modern equipment. I don't use typewriters for reports now, but computers. Duty gear has evolved. Not to mention, the people who hate your officer's guts, don't care if they are wearing a Sam Brown or outer body armor.

Be safe Toledo.

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