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Friday, July 24, 2020

I Lived to Tell about Fort Riley...

I went to Army ROTC Advanced Camp in the summer of 1986. Good God, 34 years ago! I'm not that old!

As I often said, "I spent a year in Kansas in the summer of 86..." Trust me, you spend a summer at Fort Riley, you will understand. But for six weeks, people I've never known (and with one exception, never knew again), were everything to each other. People I lived with, melded with, counted on, struggled with, achieved and failed with. And then we were gone.

As down as I got there (anyone who went through Advanced Camp did to one degree or another), we had one goal. To get out! And some of the prior service guys said, "Thiac, it's easy. You arrive here, you're already a two digit midget, 40 and a wakeup. You can stand on your head for that." And they were right. Wake up, physical training, eat, the day's tasks, sleep, repeat.

One part of my daily cycle was listening to a small radio I picked up at the PX. And right before 10:00 pm lights out (9:45 pm as I recall), the station would play Live to Tell. It was the sign, one more day done, one day closer to home.

I'm no particular fan of Madonna. I've said multiple times, she is a beautiful woman, but I find nothing attractive about her. But she hit it out the park with this great song. And she managed to help me though six very stressful weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, IMHO, Madonna's finest song, a great ballad, Live to Tell.

Have a great weekend!

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