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Friday, May 15, 2020

Just the night in my veins....

Well, at 55, it's more like early evening, but who cares!

During the recent epidemic, the wife and I hosted our two girls, and two adopted children. Four early 20's women. Good God, the dogs and I were outnumbered. And they gave me a reminded of how youth and age works.

The girls would stay up all night, and sleep to past noon. It was humerous when I work up at 5:00am on a Sunday (had an extra job that morning), walk down to get some coffee, and one ask, "Wait, are you going to work?" Being on four hours of sleep, my only answer was, "No, I always wake up at five in the morning and put my uniform on for no reason..." The other girls found it quite humorous.

But looking at them I recall being a bit younger, able to stay up all night without issue. I used to think nothing of driving all night, it was cool and we made better time. Not anymore, at best I will get up at 3-4 and start. Or one time in college, starting a Star Trek novel at midnight, then having it finished at four. Well, that's not me anymore.

Some of the signs of becoming an adult. Ten at night is when you go to sleep, and six in the morning is when you wake up for work. In my college/high school yute, it was ten o'clock to go out, six o'clock to come in from partying. Middle age sucks, it's a trap!

Well, as the night life is starting to open up again (bars, restaurants, etc) and this screwed up lockdown starts to ease off, for all the night owls out there, here is a song for you. And at 68, Chrissie Hynde still has the Night in her veins. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Pretenders.

Have a great weekend.

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